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BioCalcio. Calcium supplement for medular bone

Biocalcio is highly bioavailable mineral supplement, to be supplied with feed and/or drinking water for layers and/or boilers, during critical stages, such as the development of cortical and medullar bone And at the start of the productive cycle.


This a bone structure which is physiologically developed during the birds sexual maturity phase. Not all the calcium which is deposited in the shell comes from the intestine or from feeding; a part of it comes from the skeleton. During sexual maturity, medullar cavities of certain bones in females are invaded by a secondary bone system called medullary bone, which is characteristic in female birds (not present in males). Calcium in Medullary bone is used for shell formation when intestinal absorption of calcium is insufficient, generally during the night when the digestive tract does not have enough absorbable calcium.


Also called rickets or osteomalacia. This is a chronic nutritional deficiency-type illness characterized by the loss of medullary and cortical bone calcium. The bones turns so thin it easily breaks and mineral loss is so great that the birds, unable to hold their own weight, Collapse. Today’s hens (high production) can exhibit this problem if their calcium intake does not satisfy the needs for high egg production.


Powder and liquid


Biocalcio Powder

Made up of mineral sources which are highly fixed in bone, such as calcium citrate, calcium lactate and calcium gluconate, sodium bicarbonate, chelated minerals (manganese, copper and zinc), vitamins c and D3

Biocalcio Liquid

Made up of readily bioavailable calcium and phosphorus that fix in bone, such as calcium gluconate, calcium citrate, calcium lactate, orthophosphoric acid and vitamin D3.


The first symptom of rickets or osteomalacia in layer hens is the production of eggs with thin and/or brittle shells. Eggs breakage has a high economic impact in modern production sites.

The egg shell has to resist:

  • Collection, both manual as well as automatic.
  • Classifying machines.
  • Packaging.
  • Transportation.
  • Handling at distribution points.
  • Shelves at the point of sale.
  • Final consumer.


  • Favors development of bird medullary bone.
  • Provides greater availability of reserve calcium.
  • Prevents loss of bone structure and the possible occurrence of osteoporosis.
  • Improves birds viability, avoiding mortality from cage fatigue, collapse and sudden death.
  • helps provide greater resistance to eggs shells and to decrease breakage percentages common to every production site.
  • Improves productive parameters of birds, by having proper calcium metabolism.


Supplement Biocalcio during the bird’s first days of life, 3 weeks after the start of laying, starter and grower periods as shown in the following table:

In Commercial Layers:

Stage Age (weeks) Biocalcio Solid
Biocalcio Liquid Dosage/MT
Starter First Week 1 kg 1 cc.
Pre-laying 15-18 2 kg 2 cc.
Starter and grower 19-32 1 kg 1 cc.

In Breeders:

Stage Age (weeks)


Biocalcio Solid


Biocalcio Liquid Dosage/MT
Starter First Week 1 kg 1 cc.
Pre-laying 20-23 2 kg 2 cc.
Starter and grower 24-36 1 kg 1 cc.

Dosage for correcting cage fatigue problems and egg breakage:

Treatment Biocalcio Solid Dosage/MT Biocalcio Liquid Dosage/MT
Cage Fatigue 2-4 kg until positive response is obtained in birds. 2-4 cc. until positive response is obtained in birds
Decrease shell breakage
2 kg for 5 days and repeat each month. 2 cc. for 5 days and repeat each month.


  • Biocalcio does not exhibit incompatibility problems with other products added to drinking water or feed.
  • The ingredients employed for the manufacture of Biocalcio are classified as safe by the FDA and are accepted by the American Association of Feed Control Officials-AAFFCO.
  • ICA (Colombian Agriculture and livestock institute) Registration: 10535SL